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Wuhans Dinosaur Museum Opens
Begin Date : May 03, 2005
End Date : May 03, 2005
China University of Geosciences new Yifu Museum opened in Lumo Road Wuchang for the May Day holiday. Exhibits include dinosaurs, jewelry, rare minerals and an illustrated account of the Earths 4.5 billion years history. The exhibitions are in a modern building, presented in state of the art style with explanations in English as well as Chinese. Theres plenty for kids, look through the eyes of a Tyrannosaurus, see if you can pedal a bike fast enough to escape from a Velociraptor... Its on Lumo Road, near Luxiang Square in the eastern part of Wuchang. Ask a taxi driver for 地大 Di(4) Da(4), or take bus 59 or 709 from downtown Wuchang near the Asia Trade Plaza. Its the modernistic building on the western side of the road, next to the main gates of China University of Geosciences. Entrance is 40 yuan. Roger
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