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RuneScape firm Jagex on eye out for mobile games acquisitions 2

"That has become something were doing quietly inside the background," he explained.

"This is usually a long-term thing. It's something we're looking cautiously and diligently at, but discussing a mobile-first company at the moment. We are PC inside our DNA. The new MMO we're also making is PC-first with multi-platform being the destination for it. Mobile might be more a twinkle within our eye for RS Mobile Gold your new RPG we have been making. The strategic fit we wish is mobile. If we've living games and PC since the core DNA and growing out of that point, we'd like someone to provide mobile first to be able living game community to check us plus a pipeline of mobile-first products and skills to check us."

The exec was quick to include that were these deals to OSRS Mobile Gold occur, he wasn't seeking to "eat people up", referencing his first job within the industry working at developer Bull Frog around some time that Electronic Arts snapped the studio up.

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