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Star Wars old Republic MMO announced the impact the first expansion in three years

After a long three years, the MMORPG old republic with the theme of Star Wars finally has a new expansion. The expansion known as "shock" is expected to provide a variety of new content and storylines, allowing players to be in the middle of a new war between the Galaxy Republic and the Sith, with a better gaming experience.

Old Republic Mek-Sha
When it appeared sometime in September 2019, Onslaught will mark the seventh expansion of the old Republic to date. The last expansion, the Knight of the Eternal Throne, has been around for 2016, so players have been eager for new content. Fortunately, it seems that Onslaught will have enough funds to provide current and new players. The details are still very thin, but so far we have fully understood Onslaught to rekindle our interest in the old Republic. Believe us, will not let the players down, players just need to prepare SWTOR Credits US to meet new challenges!

According to the official statement, the impact expansion triggered a new conflict between the two game factions, the Galaxy Republic and the Sith Empire. It also has two new planets: Onderon, "a wild jungle and barbarian beast planet", and Mek-Sha, an independent gas station and emerging town, built on a hollow asteroid that was once controlled by Hutts. in. The stormtroopers will also allow players to return to existing planets, use the new Flashpoint on Corellia, and perform a new Operation on the Onderon's largest satellite Drux (the old Republic version of the multiplayer attack).

According to the developer's instructions, the basic theme behind the new shock expansion is “playing your way.” With new rewards, new SWTOR Credits usage rules and a new “tactical” project slot, players are more than ever. More willing to customize their game style while still getting the best reward for the path they choose. Whether you are entering PvE, PvP, Galactic Command or Crafting, Onslaught's latest projects are available to players without having to deviate from the way they want.

Since its initial launch in 2011, Star Wars has had a significant decline in content for many years, including some large-to-medium scale expansions and releases. However, three years have passed since the last expansion, so this game is definitely another game. So far, the news of the new extension has been very popular so far since many players have cleared the content of all games.

The charge is expected to go online sometime in September, until then we will remain open to any news or updates on the upcoming expansion. How do you see the impact so far? Will you support the Galaxy Republic or join the Sith Empire to pick up weapons against them? Which game improvements would you like to see in the upcoming update? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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