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‘Star Wars‘ program ‘Old Republic Knights‘ film trilogy and the first female writer since 1980 - rep

After the release of "The Rise of the Skywalker" later this year, the "Star Wars" movie series seems to be slowly becoming the focus of attention. According to new reports, Lucasfilm is preparing a potential new trilogy based on the video game series "Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic" that began in 2003. A source close to the studio said Laeta Kalogridis was completing the first film after the script was added to the project in the spring of 2018. The film is based on the game of Star Wars the Old Republic. The characters in the movie may be the same as the players. The difference is that the characters do not need SWTOR Credits  to support them. Their decision on death is based on scriptwriting. So for this movie, scriptwriting is a very important existence.

Lucasfilm's hiring of Kalogridis is a historic choice for the "Star Wars" movie series, as there is no "Star Wars" script behind the only female screenwriter. The only acclaimed female writer in the "Star Wars" movie world is Leigh Brackett, who shared a credit with Lawrence Kasdan in the 1980 Empire Strikes Back. Since then, only men have written "Star Wars" movies and franchises have come under pressure in recent years because they only employ male writers and directors to develop their films.

Kalogridis is a Hollywood veteran who has produced scripts for "Terminator Genisys", Martin Scorsese's "Shutter Island", and the recent "Alita: Fighting Angels". Kalogridis is the implementation of James Cameron's "Avatar" The film, also Netflix's science fiction series "Altered Carbon", will return to the second season later this year.

Lucas Film Company President Catherine Kennedy sparked interest in the potential "Old Republic Knights" series at the Star Wars celebrations earlier this year. After being asked about the "Old Republic" film series, Kennedy said in an interview with MTV News that "we are studying something." Kennedy added, "Now, I don't know where things will happen."

One direction of the "Star Wars" film series will certainly take place after the "Rise of Skywalker", a series of new films developed by David Benioff and D.B., the "Game of Thrones" show hosts. Weiss. Bob Iger, chairman of Walt Disney Company, confirmed earlier this month that Benioff and Weiss will write and direct a "Star Wars" movie on December 16, 2022. Star Wars the Old Republic is a popular game. Even if you need to buy SWTOR Credits for sale  occasionally, the majority of players and fans hope that the movie will be as good as the game.

The next "Star Wars" movie "The Rise of the Skywalker" will be released in the theater on December 20. Please pay attention to the developing "Old Republic" movie. IndieWire has contacted Lucasfilm and Disney for further comments.

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