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How to deactivate or delete AOL email account

AOL has been providing a great service of email and browsing to the users, but it may get a tough job for you when you try to deactivate your AOL email account. As no services like to lose customer, AOL also does not provide options to delete your account. At one moment you may even find it impossible to delete the AOL account, but with some newer developed ways, you can now deactivate or delete your account. This blog will provide you complete information, but if you are unable to get the exact solution, then you should call at AOL Email Tech Support Number for better assistance.

Notable points before deleting your AOL account:

Now if you have decided your AOL email account, then you should focus on these pints before initiating the process otherwise you may land into trouble.

1.You only can deactivate or delete AOL account if you have access the AOL account. If you have forgotten the password then before initiating the process, you need to reset the password.

2.Once you delete the account, you will be no longer able to receive emails. So before deleting the AOL email account, you should have an alternate email address.

3.If you delete your account, then all the premium services linked to your AOL account will be canceled.

A complete solution to delete AOL email account:

Now you may have noted these pointed mentioned above and ready to delete the account. The one precaution you can take and delete all your stored email before deleting your account. It is not mandatory, but you should process these to negate any risk. Now go through these steps to delete your AOL email account:

Go to AOL sign-in page and provide your username and password and log in

Now you can get the “Options” that you have to click and then go to “My account.”

Then a new window will appear and go to the bottom of the page; you will find “Account options.”

You need to click on that option and then select “And more” option

Now you have to provide the answers to security questions, and without a correct answer, you cannot proceed

Then click on “Manage my subscriptions.”

You will see your existing plan and click to “change plan” next to it

You will get a pop up displaying that I already have a high-speed connection. Choose that option and then click on “View plans.”

Now click on “cancel,” and you will see the services and benefits that you are going to lose

Go to below of the page and click on “Cancel AOL” to delete your account.

Now you can easily witness that the process requires more attention and some important priorities before and during the deleting process. Now it is advised to you to get the assistance by calling at AOL Email Customer Care to easily tackle the issue.

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