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HP Printer Customer Support

There are many people who purchase HPprinter for versatile printing quality. The printers of HP has various modelsand versions. Due to advanced technology usually user face trouble. Same as theinstallation of Wireless HP printer athome is quite difficult but people love it because there is no limit to place cable.Without placing cable users may use their printer anywhere they want. If you havewireless HP printer but want to install it then you can try the simpleinstructions given below. If you found that it is difficult to followinstruction or it doesn’t work. Don’t worry just reach to HP printer customer support number 1-844-762-3952 which is 24 X7 open. Yes, no need to be surprised theteam of tech support is always ready to help their customers. To get the solutionforany problem related to HP printer users can take help of technical experts. Nowlet’s follow the instructions given here.

Install HP printer by using a Wireless router:

Step 1.

Make sure your computer’s wirelesscard is active and wireless router is on. The HP setup CD which you get with HPprinter needs to insert with the help of USB.

Now you will get the CD menu, click“Install Network/Wireless Device” then follow the given prompts.

Step 2.

Take USB installer cable and connect to computer & printer.

Step 3.

To finish the installation click to“Finish” open the documents & print it.

Install HP wireless printer by Ad Hoc Network:

Step 1.

Make sure that you have activated the signals of computer & printerboth.

Step 2.

Start your computer and selectcontrol panel. Now select the “Network & Internet”.

Step 3.

Tap on the “connect the network”which is located under the “Network & Sharing Center” heading.

Step 4.

Choose the network “hpsteup” from available networks.

Step 5.

Now install the printer software as steps from section 1. It is time to takethe test. Open the documents and print.

If you are successful to install thewireless HP printer, then you can print further. But if you find unable to printmeans printer is not successfully installed. So, now you need to concern techsupport of HP printer. Use the HP printer technical support  for fix installation problem. The service of customer support is alwaysavailable to help customers. Without any worry or stress just reach to techsupport team and find the solution toinstall a wireless printer.

Source URL: http://www.customer-service-tollfree.com/hp-printer-customer-support/

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