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Rocket League adds official Ghostbuster mode to launch its Radical Summer event

If there is a Rocket League on the E3 2019 hood, who will Psyonix call? Ah, don't let me do that. It’s been a while now, we’ve identified the final football driving speed hybrid, but we can’t resist sharing the best news: the Rocket League has just added the official Ghostbuster mode. So Rocket League Crates, Rocket League Keys and RL Items are always ready.

Known as Ghost Hunt, it is the first major revelation of the game's ongoing radical summer event, which lasts from June 10th to August 12th. Ghost Hunt works the same way as the standard three-to-three rocket league, except: 1. You can choose to drive ECTO-1 and 2. You can use the proton flow to control the ball and effectively magnetize it to your vehicle. In the opponent's "containment zone", do two seconds in front of their goal to get a point. Neat-O.

The ECTO-1 is priced at $1.99 and is equipped with ECTO-1 wheels, Slimer topper, proton pack enhancements, Ghostbusters avatar borders and Stay Puft target explosions.

Ghost Hunt is a time-limited game mode that is part of the first phase of Radical Summer, including the Blockbusters theme of the 80s. For example, playing online games can get cassette tokens, and then you can exchange Rocket League Prices for use in the game: Ghostbusters wheels, Ectoplasm enhancers, floating skateboard tops, Molly Ringwald theme arena. Wait, I may have dreamt of the last one.

The large theme lasts until June 30, when it will be replaced by the 'cultural' theme and delicious food until July 21. After that, the theme will be converted to "TV" again from July 22nd to August 12th. It has been confirmed that the latter stage is the Knights Knight Pack. You can even call it a neat piece of KITT.

The Rocket League is now available in a variety of imaginable formats and is on the list of 11 current best football games in GamesRadar.

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