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How to play and succeed in World of Warcraft

A Vanilla 2 should perhaps be an entirely new 1-60 experience utilizing the very same mechanics, level development, etc. with a few changes to abilities, talents, etc. in a totally new world, full of new raid puzzles, balanced PvP, and the like - using what has been discovered since vanilla, while maintaining the essence of what makes an MMORPG so good that Vanilla totally light's hope gold buying.

They execute although that they wanted to but did not cough meeting stones cough its 2018 now and could make it smoother buggier. Summoning each other to dungeons isnt gonna make things less fun. Help quality of life. As long as they dont perform hardcore changes[though I hear phasing is coming] we ought to be fine.

I am. Eing optimistic and dont believe they're currently gon na destroy that which we love. However, it may be a better for more casuals players. I doni the number of friends I tried to have on a. Private server only to be like this isnt even enjoyable. I feel they might add a few things none of us want such as lfg, if they wana catch a few of those individuals.

Blizzard got an opportunity to make the specs viable. I don't want priest, a shaman, paladin or druid to be an equally good dps as woman or a mage. I just want diversity in both pve and pvp. If a hybrid would do the damage of a dps class just to 65-70 percent, who'd mind that?

Vanilla wow wasn't great because each course buy wow classic gold only had 1 viable specs in end game pve content (anticipate warrior), but on account of the community, the mining and the course fantasy. I believe there should be changes made to the match so as. For instance: a new spells for like crusader strike classes or water shield. Little changes that make a difference. Or new places beneficial.

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