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Chair Mould Mirror Polishing Process

   In order to achieve high quality mirror polishing, the most important thing is to have high quality polishing tools and accessories such as oil stone, sandpaper and diamond paste. The choice of polishing procedure depends on the surface condition after processing, such as machining, EDM, grinding, etc.

During the fracture process of steel processing, the surface layer may be damaged by heat, internal stress or other factors. Incorrect cutting parameters may affect the mirror finish of the Chair Mould(FURNITUREMOULD). After normal processing or heat treatment, the surface after EDM is more difficult to grind than the surface. Therefore, a fine gauge quasi-spark should be used before the end of the EDM, otherwise the surface will form a hardened thin layer.

If the EDM is not properly selected, the heat affected layer can be as deep as 0.4 mm. The hardness of the hardened layer is higher than the hardness of the substrate and must be removed. Therefore, it is best to add a rough grinding process to completely remove the damaged surface layer to form an average rough metal surface, which provides a good foundation for the mirror polishing of the chair mould.

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