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How to Connect With AOL Contact Number?

America Online is a leading tech company situated in New York, United States. It offers a wide range of online web services. Nowadays, email service took the place of the traditional communication medium, both official & non-official. Most of the big companies use mailing services to connect with their clients as it is highly secure & keeps the backup of the conversations. AOL email service is one of those mailing utility that has been used widely across the globe. It provides features such as instant messaging, video chat, mailing, etc. Unfortunately, AOL email applications are quite prone to tech errors and glitches. AOL endows immediate help for the AOL mail login service from AOL Contact Number at official website .i.e. www.aol.com.

Characteristic & Features of AOL Email Service

Here are some of the features and functionalities of AOL email service: -

1. 25 MB limit of mail attachment.

2. Mail Storage Capacity: 1000 new emails, 4000 old emails, and 4000 sent messages.

3. Unable to sync with other mail services such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

4. Offer SPAM & virus protection.

5. AOL email provides spelling checker feature.

6. Customizable attractive AOL theme.

America Online Inc. works almost every day to robust their services with much better user experience. Hence, it launches yearly upgrade for AOL application versions. If AOL customers face tech hiccups – AOL account holders can get in touch with the expertise AOL techies at AOL Phone Number.  

Resolve Sending Media Files Error

AOL customers observe discrepancies while sending media files such as videos, pictures, audios, etc. This AOL issues recur frequently and to ensure that no such problem ever occur follow the steps below: -

verify that the attachment like images, audios, and videos are in the format supported by AOL.

Utilize the online web applications to avail the image URL.

confirm that file size doesn’t exceed the limit of AOL mail.

Tips to Remember

If AOL customer facing AOL mail sending/receiving issues...! Check the points given below: -

1. Ensure that you’re using an updated browser.

2. Perform full system scan via anti-virus software.

If you notice any AOL problem further, we suggest AOL customer speak with AOL certified geeks & engineers at AOL Contact Number. We are one of a authorize AOL support provider with a global presence in the sphere of email services.  

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