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Vialka, French/Canadian Band This Sunday!
Begin Date : Nov 15, 2005
End Date : Nov 15, 2005
The Date: 11/20, Sunday The Band: VIALKA ( French/Canadian, gypsy turbofolkpunk ) Whos in it: Marylise Frecheville ( French)- Drums and Vocals Eric Boros ( Canadian)- Guitars and Vocals The Time: 8:30 PM The Place: Left Eye Bar (as usual) *** On ChaGang Street, Near Wuhan University West Gate, between the 522 and 608 Bus Stop and The Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Building - see map in link*** http://wuhanpunk.com/chaos/images/po/zuoyan_map.gif The Ticket: 25 Yuan Opening Acts: Flipside, Visitor Q, For more on VIALKA the band, go to www.vialka.com they have detailed info there in both French and English If you have any Questions, feel free to post them up for me... otherwise, see yall there!
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