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International High school in Suzhou is looking for Math Economy and English teacher starting
Area : No Limit

To Apply visit this link: http://cips.io/17a746

No. LMX-Richard-19002


♦ School Type International high school/kindergarten/primary

♦ School-Running Permit Yes

Current FTsunknown

Student Ages16-18(H)/6-12(P)/3-6(K)

Student Numbersvaries

♦ Weekly Class Hrs/ Work Hrs20 classes/40 hours

♦ Weekly Days Off2 Ds

♦ Paid Annual Leave Yes

Summer Vacationpaid

Winter Vacation paid

Recruiting Numbers4

AFT Types Work visa

Post/Subject Economy/Math/English

Attaching Experience5 years

Gender/ Age Unlimited /25-60

Degree / Majorbachelor at least

♦ Negotiable Take-home Pay Above 20 K for subject teachers, 18 K above for English teachers

♦ Housing Subsidy or Apt. Provided for free

♦ Flight Subsidy10 K

♦ Arrival Date Before Sep.

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