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Teach English in China! 10k-20k AFTER TAX with free accommodation
Area : No Limit

To Apply visit this link: http://cips.io/c731e1

On going positions available
ESL teachers for international Kindergarten
ESL teachers for training center

What we offer
Monthly salary aftertax: 10,000 RMB - 20,000 RMB
Accommodation: one-bedroom near the school, or housing allowance 2300yuan
Bonus: 3000yuan+air ticket after one year contract
Work Visa sponsorship
Teaching training and promotion opportunities
Free Chinese lesson
All the public holiday paid

Job description
less than 40 hours office time including working time per week
10 to 25 students per class
student ago: 3-6years old(kindergarten), 10-16years old(training center)
Job requirements
Teachers from English native countries or nonnative with good accent

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