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pla<x>yers are RuneScape gold

We might get an upcoming poll where the Jagex devs inquires if players are RuneScape gold OK with removing Mobilizing Armies.On that the offhand chance the MA goes, here are some possible lore explanations devs may use.ARMS (MA) has been created a long time before the World Guardian became active. The team is a mercenary army group based out of the southern region of this Feldip Hills.At one point it was mostly composed of human mercenaries. However, because of some additional problems, along with an attempt at a coup, Lord Marshal Brogan was forced to search for new recruits.

Luck would have it when he eventually reached agreements with the elves, dwarves, and goblins.Fast ahead into the late 5th Age and 6th Age.Most of their operations have been training scenarios, launching sieges onto a rogue knight's castle, stealing out of dragons, and strengthening TzHaar. (it's possible there have been additional operations, but they have not been made public) So why would A.R.M.S. close.Bad Topics* What's the future of... - Questions asking about spoilers for upcoming content.

We won't be answering these. * Back in X quest Y states Z then later A says B, does not this battle with... - Questions regarding particular lore questions, according to narrative hooks from past content aren't terrific. They're either too vague and won't be interesting to discuss, or they are something we are planning on resolving in future, in which case they're a spoiler. * I loathed X quest why did you... - Unless we could invent time travel, these sorts of questions are not really satisfying for anyone to cheap RS gold respond and the response given infrequently satisfies the asker. Notice if anyone among us had access to time travel we would all be living in some nightmare distopia with us kinds of everything. Yes, even Stu.So with these tips please post your queries in this thread. We'll collate a few of them and ask them in the stream. = Raven =

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