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1-844-787-7041 | How to Troubleshoot a Dell V305?

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The Dell printer hasvarious models for its customers. The Dell V305 has many physical printerissues, like a software issue, slow printing job etc. Behind the printer’sproblem, there may be various reasons which not work correctly. The way to findthe technical solution for printer issues you can opt forexperts of tech support. To concern experts use Dell printer technical support number. Through the help of tech support experts, users can resolve theprinter issues as soon as they can. There are also some steps given here whichwill help you to troubleshoot the Dell printer problem.

Step 1: Start your device and go to the menu. Open it& click to the “Devices & Printers” button. Tap on the Dell V305 iconand choose the option “See What’s Printing” option. Click on the documentwaiting for printing job and select “Resume.” If you found option Pause insteadof Resume doesn’t select it. Close the window without wasting time.

Step 2: Disconnect the USB cable and power cable fromthe back side of the printer. Press the button edge of the printer lid. Liftthe lid to see the interior area of Dell printer.

Step 3: Make sure is there no paper jammed inside ofthe printer. If found any paper stuck here then hold the edge and firmly pullit out. Repeat the same process once again and remove all jammed paper from thejammed printer.

Step 4: Check the ink cartridge status, make surethere is no issue with the ink cartridge. Press down the plastic level of thefirst ink cartridge and repeat the same procedure with the second inkcartridge. Remove both cartridges and again install into the printer.

Step 5: Now you need to set the plastic lever justabove the ink cartridge back into place. Now close the printer’s lid and plugpower & USB cable back to the ports of Dell V305 printer.

If you are stillunable to resolve the printing issue of Dell printer then you can concernexperts. Try Dell Customer SupportNumber and ask tech supportteam to help you. On this number trained experts of customer care will resolveprinting job issues whenever you need. 24 X 7 users can get service fromcustomer care.

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