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When we learned about RuneScape gold

Hey guys! When we learned about RuneScape gold the Sixth-Age, Mod Osborne said something about a god who we've never heard of and the title of said god is on the World Map.For a while nowwe have not heard anything else about it. Some might have forgotten about and it was trashed, while some other may have believed. Following a tweet to Mod Osborne, we know it is still going to happen.Icy Ice? Mar 12@JagexOsborne are there still plans to goddess or the god we don't know about, but its title is about the Osborne? @JagexOsborne 18h18 hours ago@Ice3317 yes! They are on the cardsSo I want to bring this discussion back, although plans hit a bump as projects shifted. What title do you believe is your God/Goddess name? I don't really think as we could have had confirmation about that, that it is Queen of Ashes. Plus we have no knowledge that foot has steeped on Gelinor.

And it isn't Xau-Tak. We still have the Camel God unnamed, but I do not think it is , as we've had no knowledge regarding the god who's name is on the map.I would state Ikov, but I think that it was verified that Ikov was a high ranking member who follows Armadyl from Mod Osborne.

So, we all recognize that Tuska lost to the Godless and Vorago. She crash-landed around Earth, and today provides a gateway to cheap RS gold Mazcab.But. . What would occur then? I couldn't find any official or threads Jagex Mod advice on this, so I inquire. Can we have a wasteland that is new? Can there be adjustments to the game world itself? Would Vorago have done something? I wish to know!

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