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2006 New Year’s Concert
Begin Date : Dec 27, 2005
End Date : Dec 27, 2005
Playbill 1.Selected from Ballet <Swan Lake> Tchaikovsky[Russia] 1、beginning music 7、epilogue 2、scene 8、scene 3、waltz 9、Hungary music 4、single dance 10、Spanish music 5、four little swans 11、Napoli music 6、collective dance 12、finale - Half time 2、Selected from Ballet <White Hair Lady> [China] 1、 Sinfonia 2、Boreas blows 3、Dance for window paper-cut 4、greeting father 5、prinking with red rope 6、go to army 7、welcoming soldiers 8、mass mobilization 9、resisting enemies 3、Selected from Ballet <Red Women soldiers> [China]   1、Celebration   2、Drilling of the Women soldiers   3、Dance of the sword   4、Gam of soldiers and masses   5、Dance of womeon soldier with male soldier   6、Local people greet Red Army   7、Gam   Director: Liu Peng (Singapore) Performance:Wuhan Orchestra  Xinghai Glee Club Date: 2005/12/31 2006/1/1 Time: 7:30pm Price:50元 80元 120元 180元 280元 Venue: Youth Palace house (jiefang da dao) Hot line: 63662666 82428266 Special invite Japanese pianist Ms.Midori Nohara   Beethoven Special Performance < Opening of Music Seasons> 1.The fifths concerto “emperor” Op.73 2.The fifths symphony Op.67   Director: Liu Peng (Singapore)   Performance:Wuhan Orchestra   Date:2006/1/20,21  7:30 p.m.   Venue: Youth Palace Odeum   Hotline:63662666 82428266   Price:50元 80元 120元 180元 280元
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