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Welcome to Wuhan Pathfinder Youth Hostel !!(2)
Begin Date : Mar 11, 2006
End Date : Mar 11, 2006
Dating with Wuhan The first International Youth Hostel in Hubei ------- Wuhan Pathfinder International Youth Hostel is now completed and open! Long ago a man riding a yellow crane flew away, Leaving the red mansions occupied by the youth , The rolling Yangtze River rushed away all the other heroes but Pathfinder. Following the footsteps of the early spring of 2006, Pathfinder International Youth Hostel, the first international youth hotel in Hubei, was born in the center of Wuhan,a young and ancient city. Neighbouring the famous art school Hubei Fine Arts Institute, facing the Hubei Art Museum, where top-class picture shows, photograph exhibitions, sculpture exhibitions on one after another, our multicultural Pathfinder is situated at No.368 Zhongshan Road Wuchang. With old stone sculptures scattering around, various exhibition posters, and groups of avant-garde, open schoolgirls warming out and into the Institute, the atmosphere of here is highly artistic, youthful and beautiful. The building of Wuhan Pathfinder International Youth Hostel is made of red brick , it was designed by a former Soviet designer in the 1950s’. A lot of artists renown at home and abraod once lived and studied here ! With evergreen trees growing around and blue sky overhead, the scenery of the large garden inside the compound of our Hostel is beautiful and splendid. Sitting and chatting with a cup of tea beside the log table and stone mill is a great unforgettable pleasure for the guests inside the serene garden . When it rains, the 100 m2 glass-topped pub will offer you a nice chance of watching clouds floating, shadows of trees wavering, wind and raindrops chorusing. What characterized most with our Pathfinder is her Star-light House on the third floor. Where the stretching arches make us feel like in an ancient fortress. Staying there at night with the accompaniment of the colorful murals, the dim moonlight and twinkling stars is a great enjoyment of nature and flirting times! Wuhan Pathfinder Youth Hostel is the first exhibition-themed hotel in China. Here specially designed lightings are installed along the corridors and movie, DV, photography, painting and sculpture exhibitions on without day. If you are lucky, you may meet one of them. Our hostel offers suite rooms, lovers’ rooms, standard rooms, tow beds rooms, shared rooms, single rooms etc. All rooms are airconditioned, and 80% of them have independent bathrooms. We also offer laundry, dining-room , bar, reading-room, internet and a small movie hall! Wuhan Pathfinder Youth Hostel is situated at the entrance of “ Tanhualin History and Culture District”—the only district of this kind in Wuhan. She is only three stops far by bus from the Yellow Tower which is the most renowned tower in China, five minutes ride by bike from Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge which is known as the first Bridge of Yangtze River, only one stop by bus from the Changchun Guan Taoist Temple which is a holy land of Taoism, two stops by bus from the famous “local nosh street” Hubu Xiang, and is within 30 minutes ride by bus far from the Ancient Qintai, Wuhan University, Donghu Scenery District, and the Guiyuan Buddhist Temple. Only three stops far by bus from Wuchang Railway Station and Bus Stop, and with direct bus to Hankou Railway Station, the traffic for our Pathfinder is very convenient This friendly and refurbished hotel located in one of Wuchangs quiet streets, but still in the heart of the big tumultuous city, it is at the entrance of Yunhualin historical culture block---only historical culture block in Wuhan, withinh two minutes of withinh a few minutes of Yellow Crane Tower, the great Changjiang River Bridge, a famous Taoism temple, the Wuhan most famous snack street,and you can take the very convenient bus to beautiful Wuhan University, the ancient " Guqintai ", the Famous scenic spot East Lake ,the GuiYuan Buddhist temple, also to Wuchang train station , Wuchang long-distance passenger depot, Hankou train station,.The traffic is extremely convenient! “Staying at Wuhan Pathfinder International Youth Hostel will make you feel at home. Listening to the ancient music ‘towering mountain and rushing water’while meeting happily with your friends.” This is what on the couplet at the gate of our hostel, and the horizontal scroll says “dating with Wuhan”. When you enter the hostel, the lefty music will make you feel like meeting across old friends abroad, and the brilliant smile of the hosts will make you feel at home. Actually Wuhan Pathfinder is a real home for the vagabond youth, explorer, artists, poets and carefree backpackers in the metropolis of Wuhan.
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