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2006/3/15 Club Party @Blue Sky Cafe, Hankou
Begin Date : Mar 15, 2006
End Date : Mar 15, 2006
Time has been went very fast, so today is finally Wednesday 2006/03/15 and it is time to start celebrate Spring Celebration 2006 @ Blue Sky Cafe. Spring Celebration 2006 @ Blue Sky Cafe, Hankou, Wuhan. - Forget cold air, forget boredom, forget winter and come to the hottest party in spring 2006! Where: Blue Sky Cafe, Hankou, Wuhan - http://www.bluesky-cafe.com/ When : Wednesday 2006/03/15 Ticketprice : Free entry! In 2006, spring is coming first into Blue Sky Cafe, where you can feel, taste and hear the style of European clubs, spiced up a little bit with Chinese style. Quality of the party will be guaranteed by two FOREIGNER DJs and two Chinese DJs playing your favorite club music: styles like Hip-Hop, R抧払, Funky, House, Trance! What more can you want? LINE-UP : DJ TORNADO (Finland, Europe) His interest in music began while in high school during music classes. Shortly after this he bought his first keyboard inspired by classical music. At this moment he didnt know much about electronic music, but all that changed in an instant when his friends took him to his first rave in Finland in 2001. After this experience he got his DJ gear and started practicing at home. In 2003 he met Dj Maku and began attending FED parties in Oulu. He has a very wide taste in music, from R磏`B to Hard Trance and all styles between them, but his favorite is a combination of energetic melodies and beats, because this is what he has been playing in Finnish bars, parties and raves. His DJ sets are usually very calm at start, but when he gets the feeling that people are ready for more, he hits the crowd with very energetic melodies and hard beats, which will get him and the people on the floor burning. DJ MAKU (Finland, Europe) Maku first started organizing parties at school in middle school age. During the years thereafter, his parties went bigger and bigger. In 2003 Maku and a few of his friends founded a party organization of their own (FED aka Finnish Eurodance), which has grown to be one of the biggest party organizations in Finland. Maku抯 DJ career began in his own parties. Maku has been playing in countries like Finland, Sweden, Germany and, of course, China. Maku抯 style of playing music can be described in one word - ENERGETIC - because he likes to play music that makes people move their bodies and dance wildly. When Maku was young, he liked to play fast music such as Eurodance and Eurotrance at his DJ gigs. During recent years, he has started playing more Hip-Hop, R抧払 and Funky House, but you can always be sure that ENERGY wont be missing in his DJ sets! DJ FREDDY (Wuhan, China) DJ JAKE (Wuhan, China) I am verry sorry, because this post came second time to this forum. [8)]
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