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Chinese Courses and Culture activities at the Institute of Hello Fall2018,汉语招生简章_2018
Area : No Limit
Address : Room 1611 Building B4 Wanda Plaza Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone.
Venue : Wuhan Sports Center
Free : No
Price : 40-150 RMB/hour
Freq. : Multi-day event

Study     Chinese      language     with     us,     you     will     definitely     be    able     to    communicate      with Chinese within1 year, andbe competent in Chinese in2 years.


TheLanguage and Culture Institute of Hello was founded by Dr. Shihua Lu and agroup of professors and studens from Wuhan Language and Culture Center atJianghan University. It aims to provide efficient language training

program and enhance cross-cultural communication in Wuhan Economic and TechnologicalDevelopment Zone. Lu, graduated from China Academy of Social Science and and aformer Visiting Associate Professor at Washington and Lee University, has beenteaching Chinese for foreigners for more than 13 years which include teachingabroad for 5 years. To make friends across culture and to get connected withthe world around us, language learning and cultural exchange will make our lifehappier and the future of the world brighter. The best Chinese courses in thiscity and activities for individuals are our service to the internationalcommunity.

Free triallessons will be given at any time by appointment

Chinese Language Courses at the Language Institute of Hello

Cultural Activities in theInstitute, Fall, 2018

Our promise:

1. Wewill start the course on Sep. 2 as long as at least one student enrolled.

2.We promise to help youbecome proficient in the language as soon as possible. The learners satisfyingwith the courses are guaranteed. You will be proud of your Chinese skills.

3.We provide free languageservices to our learners. The services include: accompanying learners to seeChinese doctos, simple business arrangement, booking and buying tickets,simple translation, introducing and helping clients looking for

jobs, preparingdocuments etc..

4. You will have a friendly, respectful, polite learning environment.You are appreciated to tell us our problems which is

the way you help us toimprove our service. And the improvements we make will benefit you as well.

   5.The learning processwill be fun and interesting.


   We provide well-trained Chinese tutors. The price is 40-150RMB/hour.

We guarantee the effectiveness and the efficiency of tutoring.We also provide translation services for conferences and

translation services for lengthy documents for a nominal fee.

Please contact:


QQ371056087              WebchatHowardlu73

Address: Room 1611, Building B4, Wanda Plaza,Wuhan Economic and Technological DevelopmentZone.                  Zipcode: 430056

The subway station in the map is “Wuhan SportsCenter”, and Wanda Plaza is to the East of the station.

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