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Lets make this place more LIVELY ")
Begin Date : May 19, 2006
End Date : May 19, 2006
Hi all, This is Ben, a Wuhanese overseas.. I have been away from Wuhan for four years and I am coming back soon to Wuhan before I go to Swarthmore( any idea what it is? ") So, I would really really love to know you guys, no matter where you are from. I welcome all activities: outing, picnic, organized volunteering, etc. I am also very keen to spice up this place a little bit by offering my ideas and helping in the planning of activities. If anyone is from Philadelphia or knows about it, I am gonna check it out from you..hopefully see some of you there one day ") PS: Yangfan, your "@wuhantime.com" email address does not seem to work. How do I get in touch with you? ") My msn: seeuforever@hotmail.com
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