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Titles: Americans living in Wuhan? Update time: Apr 06, 2017

Hi! I am a master’s student studying Migration at Malmö University in Sweden.

Currently I am conducting research on Americans living in mainland China so I am looking to speak to some people about their general experiences there. This would simply involve an informal chat via either a Skype or WeChat call with or without video (your choice). Primarily I am interested in talking about your social life (but nothing too personal) and interaction with Chinese locals although you are very much free to talk to me about whatever you feel is most relevant - In other words don’t worry it’s not going to be an interrogation.

I would just ask that you are an American citizen have been living in China for at least 12 months and ideally that you are someone who plans on staying indefinitely in China.

If you are interested I would love to talk to you. You can reach out to me via email for more details/to ask more questions about the research/to arrange a time to talk.

Email: chinamigrationresearch@gmail.com

Titles: Re:Americans living in Wuhan? Update time: Apr 08, 2017

This guy is what u looking for:)

Ok I am kidding but will send you an email to discuss that...seriously

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