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Hello I am Emily Ilive in Wuhan I have been teaching foreigners Chinese for 4 years and Iusually help them by improving their listening speaking writing and readingskills. I also teach them a lot of Chinese cultures so that they can understand Chinese people’s mind easily. What’s more I also teach HSK test. My studentshave different levels in Chinese. That’s why i usually design suitable classesfor your needs sometimes if you are very busy then you can choose Chinese classonline which is very flexible. All you need to do is to make an appointmentwith me. Chinese language is getting more and important around the world if youchoose me to be your Chinese tutor then I can promise you that your Chineselanguage will get better and better. If you are interested in Chinese traditional culture medicine science or like traditional massage (cuppingguasha etc.) and I also looking for business cooperation I introduced some foreigners to teach Chinese kids English if you are interested in it you also can add me. and I live in Xudong (Wuchang) if you want to have cheaper prices that you can come to Xudong to have classes

Here are my contact information

Tel./Wechat: 18674018868

QQ: 1073614490

skype: 18674018868

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