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Titles: Apple Tree Club 每周末苹果树俱乐部英美外教一起搞活动 Update time: Sep 05, 2017

Hello guys I opened Apple Tree Club with two Native English Speakers in Xudong (Wuchang but near o hankou too) we hold different activity on every  weekends there are foreigners and Chinese attend activity together so that they both can learn languages from each other and we can have a great chance to pratice English and Chinese and know different cultures together every activity is just 100 yuan for 3 hours include food and drinks we also will have Chinese club which is mainly for foreigners to practice Chinese if you are interested in it please add my wechat. to know more details

大家好, 我和2喂欧美外教合作在徐东开了苹果树英语俱乐部, 我们每周末下午都有活动,外教做欧美好吃的食物,带大家玩各种英语游戏,弹钢琴,口语交流,每次活动都有大人孩子参加,活动费用100元3个小时包括吃喝,感兴趣的可以加我微信具体了解

my wechat: 18674018868

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