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Writing skills is that we entered the junior high school after the slow contact with the prose of this type of writing is that we are in this stage before exposure to. It is not easy for a classmate to write an excellent essay let alone write a prose. To master the essay written in the exam to master the essay writing skills.

1. The subject is bright
Essay title to taboo dull dull have a personality different both to seize the reader's attention at once but also to reflect the content of the article. A bright title is an excellent scoring point. So the subject of prose is the most chewing flavor of the subject.

2. Wide range of materials

The subject matter of the prose is very broad so its content is very rich. "Jufan international and domestic events the social family of the fine the waves of the sky a matter of the micro their own experience a trace of feeling a handful of joys and sorrows a star meditation past the miserable cheerful today can Moved to paper

3. Flexible expression

Prose widely drawn its manifestations also appear free and flexible expression will be varied. From the form of expression it does not have to be like the poetry of the metrical do not like the drama as a model as long as a certain ideological and emotional system the fragmented material organized on the line. Prose in the selection can be involved in ancient and modern all walks of life in the structure can also put a few put a few Shu volume freely. On the narrative description discussion lyrical description and other expressions are the same according to need flexible use. Sometimes highlight one as a key to be used; sometimes several ways to melt into a furnace. Because prose is always lyrical characteristics lyrical way is particularly rich and varied.

4. Reasonable

A prose is a literary work that is faithful to life and reflects life and it emphasizes that life is true and does not rely on fiction to express the true feelings of life. Generally good essays often have deep ideological content and this profound meaning and full of poetic because the prose has a reasonable phase of the characteristics. Its ideological content is often not directly exposed but often reside in the "material" or "King" among the strong emotional image to stimulate the reader's rational thinking. This year's topic has a strong speculative talented candidates put this kind of rationality through the emotional image to start.

5. beautiful language

"The true prose is full of poeticness just as apples are full of fruit juice." (Barbusovsky's "poetic poem") prose's true feelings flexible expression requires beautiful language to be commensurate. We often read in the prose of people forget the language. "Walking with you" shows a good language skill the article wrote: "Let the water and fire counterparts love and reason counterparts. Adhere to the truth of love and beauty so that impulse and stereotypes in your next step precipitation bring the wisdom after quenching - walk with you! "Rational thinking in the intense feelings into irreversible inner monologue strongly that their point of view but also to moveProse writing is not an easy thing but it is a good choice when the exam is unexpected. In the provisional test when the master custom essay writing skills class exercises it will be able to write a good prose.

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