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Hey Guys I am Emily a Chinese teacher who has been teaching Chinese for almost 5 years now. I have my own studio in Wuhan now and I am a experienced responsible and patient Chinese teacher. I have a story about why I chose to teach Chinese as my job.  When i studied in university i was curious about the outside world so i chose languages as my major. I was a shy and traditional Chinese girl but after i made some friends from other countries and learnt about many different cultures I became more and more opened minded and more happy. My foreign friend asked me to help him learn Chinese and about our culture so i did.   He encouraged me to help other foreigners so after helping more and more foreigners learn Chinese I realised that the more i teach Chinese the more i like my career. so last year i got my own studio especially for teaching foreigners Chinese. I also  cooperated with my American friend by hosting Cultural communication events on weekends. we invited foreigners and Chinese natives to come to our activity to experience different cultures. i always encouraged other Chinese peoplen not only to learn other languages but also to learn other cultures. I always encouraged my foreign friends to not only learn useful Chinese but also learn Chinese culture so that we can have a better understanding. this year I started to write articles about Chinese learning and Chinese culture and also wrote some articles here and posted some activity here I am a experienced patient responsible Chinese teachers and i also stay friends with my students and we help each other and talk about many topics and share life experiences together and since the  weather is getting better and better we also will hold some outdoor activities together are you looking forward to joining? Please share your opinions about learning Chinese Chinese culture and life in China. I am here for you.

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