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In the event that you have a group printer at your home and you are encountering a Canon Printer Error 5100 at that point you have to realize that this blunder is very like 5101 mistake. Canon support number. Since these blunders are indistinguishable in this manner they have indistinguishable manifestations from well as arrangements. With these mistakes you would encounter elective flickering of intensity light and blunder light twice. Call now on canon customer service phone number for quick solution . On the off chance that you are certain about the blunder at that point beneath are the strategies you can practice to tackle the equivalent. Canon customer support phone number +1-855-560-0666 fix canon printer problems.

Method 1–Turn On/Off-The initial step you have to take is killing the printer and afterward turning it on after certain minutes. Canon support phone number give a fastest support When you have finished the strategy you are required to move to different techniques for comprehending the printer mistake.
Method 2- Expelling defensive material-One of the purposes behind the printer to not print is the defensive material. This material averts print head from moving. Canon printer support phone number. Along these lines the answer for the issue is to open the top front of the printer find the defensive material and expel the equivalent. When the means are played out the spread should be shut and the printer ought to be turned on. Canon customer support phone number fix canon printer problems On the off chance that this strategy causes you at that point it is fine else you can move to the following technique.
Method 3- Expel Jammed Paper/Foreign material-One of the potential explanations behind the Canon Printer Error 5100 or 5101 is the nearness of stuck paper or remote material. Canon technical support number. For expelling it the essential advances are-
  • Stage 1-Stop the printer

  • Stage 2-Click on Power catch for killing the printer

  • Stage 3-Open top spread

  • Stage 4-Located the stuck paper/remote material

  • Stage 5-Upon finding the material you ought to painstakingly evacuate the equivalent. You likewise need to guarantee that you don't tear down the paper as you evacuate the equivalent.

  • Stage 6-Switch on the printer and play out the print action.

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