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Titles: Robotic Roll Labeling Update time: Jun 26, 2019

Robotic Roll Labeling

Automatic Handling offers an extensive wide variety of ways to robotic systems for labeling a variety of roll sizes. Here is a video of a robot taking labels from a printer to apply them to jumbo tissue rolls. This setup works for more diverse labeling requirements. The system can verify the product labeled and place the label in the correct label position.

Some robotic roll labeling systems need flexibility in labeling a variety of rolls. Rolls can have different diametersRobotic Manufacturer orientations or packaging. Automatic Handling is flexible in design.  End-of-line label tooling needs to be specific to each customer.  Most robot PLC printer and label types have unique design considerations.  The key is finding the solution that fits your operations.

Operations need flexibility. You can also set your robot to run in automatic modes or stay in a manual mode. In automatic mode you can set it to run once each time a roll is present. We can also hook it up to a vision system or roll or core inspection system.

Collaborative robots (Cobots) provide a safe automation solution for roll labeling. 80% of collaborative robots operate with no safety guarding.  A cobot or co-robot is a robot intended to interact with humans in a shared workspace physically. This robot is different from other robots which are designed to operate autonomously or with limited guidance which is what most industrial robots were up until the decade of the 2010s.  Whenever utilizing new equipment you should do an operational risk assessment.

If your operations require more complex labeling applications Automatic Handling has numerous inline and end-of-line mechanical roll label application solutions that we have developed for tissue paper film foil and agricultural industries.

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