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It's founded in the year 1984 by Jennie C.Trotter and incorporated in 1987. WSCIis a nonprofit community based award winning business whose mission is to educate Wholistic stress direction by promoting health and healthful lifestyle choices. WSCI uses a holistic approach in all its educational programs and tools. The wholistic approach supports the harmonious development of the entire person- mind body and soul. WSCI offers stress management solutions and health programs to adults youth and children. WSCI provides innovative training in kid's stress management to parents and teachers of Pre-K to twelfth grade students including individuals with special needs.

In addition to stress management solutions WSCI offers a variety of community prevention programsrelated to mental health juvenile delinquency violence substance abuse HIV/AIDS teen pregnancy parenting and other areas. The Wholistic Stress Control Institutes Inc. Board of directors invites you to join them on Saturday October 27 2018 from 5: 00 p. Hoosier UMC 2545 Benjamin E.Mays Drive SW Atlanta GA 3031 1 to celebrate the retirement of our Creator and director executive Jennie C.Trotter M. And WSCI 34th Anniversary Fundraiser. Jennies work spans over 34 decades of building a much healthy spot for adults and youth through various programs servicing the community in large.

To help us in continuing her legacy and WSCI programming we ask you to join in on the party by planting a financial seed to aid in the continuation of WSCIs providers. Retirement Celebration Dinner Tickets could be purchased for $50 per individual at .Become a Legacy Giver. Donations can be made in to assist with the continuation of providers. Special Legacy Levels can be found. Souvenir Book - This party will also include a Souvenir Booklet. Email CAMERA READY AD to This email address is being protected from spambots. Dr.Wade Noble and Dr.Lawford Goddard of the Institute for Advanced Study of Black Family Life and Culture Inc. Please check Vibhor website if you're looking for the Best Neurologist In Delhi just contact us and we'll handle everything else.

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