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We will visit several temples which are of great importance in the history of Zen Buddhism. We will stay one night (Aug 10) in the monk's dorm (Double rooms with public shower room) in a temple up in the mountains and experience investigate the buddhist practice. We will also have a 4 hours trekking in the mountains. Some photos of our last trip to the temples: http://www.yupoo.com/photos/tutta/albums/12928854/ More about CECP trip: http://www.wuhantime.com/cecp/cecptripsen.htm Pls email to tuttayang@live.com before Aug 4th with your name and cell phone no. if interested. All CECP trip participants are required to submit a short paragraph of your report about the trip.
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Journey To the East 1384 years ago Master Xuanzang started his journey to the west with his four apprentices ranging from mankind to animals. Now in 2013 we began our journey to the east to pay homage to the patriarchs who exerted their due influence in the development of Zen Buddhism. On seeing the picture of Bill Porter hanging on the wall in The Fourth Patriarch Temple or Sizu Temple I got a strange feeling that I hadn’t seen my old friend for years as if instead of reading his book about hermits he told me all their stories in person. The Temple is totally different from what I had expected. The facilities here are quite modern; especially the vegetarian food is great; many school students come here to learn Zen doctrines on summer camps; and we also get some really nice gifts. I notice one woman wearing Buddhist clothes and high-heel shoes and walking by with an air graceful and elegant. She walks in beauty just like the cousin of Lord Byron: She walks in beauty like the night   Of cloudless climes and starry skies; … (grace) softly lightens o'er her face; Where thoughts serenely sweet express But there is one thing that has never changed is the hospitality of temples and the peaceful smile on everybody’s face. Everybody greet one another no need to be officially introduced. We close our eyes to feel the breeze upon our cheeks and to feel the power of faith chiming with the bells nearby. Everbody feel refreshed after an hour’s rest in the bridge near Sizu Temple then we resume our way to Laozu Temple. The mountainous road to the top is never smooth like people got to go through difficulties if they were to achieve success. All the poor conditions we are in the insipid life the palmers lead every tough step it takes to conquer the uncertainty they are what life is supposed to be. The lessons I learn in Laozu Temple are that do not disturb monks’ life and leave behind peace and serenity; you’ll never know how thrifty one can be. About seven o’clock in the evening I walked out of the temple to the pavilion by the river. Words fail to express how beautiful the scenery is. I see the moon hanging on the dark blue sky always with a star by her side. I see the mountains distant and afar. I feel the idle breeze in my hair like some unseen fingers playing upon my heart the music of the ripples. I see a girl walked around the square and say prayers in her silence. One become so beautiful when he is pious isn’t it? At the break of dawn I suddenly miss those masters and hermits in Porter’s books. They live in extreme conditions. One woman even burst into tears when she told Porter her house cannot stand against the wind and rain and she said she felt lonely. A master in a obscure temple said the palaces were destroyed in the revolution and they are trying their best to save every penny to repair it and if they turn to the government for help there seems a never-ending process of application process. Those temples are not well-known and are only visited by nobody. I feel really sad for them and I am appalled to learn the truth that people spend ten years to build something and it will only cost others ten seconds to destroy it to nothing; and is money only given to those who are capable of making money? Sorry Renato Yang is the true path-blazer despite he did not wait for us at the fork and we three went up to a diverged road he has my forgiveness now. Thanks to my umbrella hah…He took us to places recognized only by hearts looking for beauty in its true sense. Huoyan Cave (Flame Cave) and Baiyun Cave (Cloud Cave) are those places. They are gifts for the weary way-worn wanderers. In Huoyan Cave we met a college girl living there. “I want to spent some days with them.” By them she means two old people living there almost all their lives. They offer tea for travelers sometimes offer really delicious lunch. They talk little but smile a lot. In Baiyun Cave we met Master Xuyun of course his photo. There is a hermit hut near the cave. Can you imagine those hermits live in these remote quiet places all the time on sunny days raining days cloudy days and snowy days? Can you imagine how it feels like to open the window in the morning and see everthing nature offers to mankind? What does it feel like to take a walk in the tea fields after super to sing a song to a flower to meditate under a tree? They know everything about their mountain. The mountain is their home. They dwell in nature. They wandered lonely as a cloud. On our way back the clouds become mysteriously beautiful and the seemingly pre-autumn leafs lifted by the wind fly all the way. The dying sun shed his last beams of light. “Let my thoughts come to you when I’m gone like the after glow of sunset at the margin of starry silence.” Except Yang the driver they all fall into asleep and again Renato sleeps with his mouth open. I lean over and ask “Do you feel like chatting are you tired?” My friend I donot have a tense filter system inside my body so what I have wrote might be a little confusing. I apologize for the inconvenience it causes. Liu Tingting By CECP volunteer Liu Tingting
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On top of the mountains some small very old and simple temples but closer to the roads those magnificent Buddhist constructions apart from the delicious vegetarian food served what gets everyone's attention is surely the architecture of those well preserved temples (so beautiful); the discipline of the monks seems to be severe and I believe we were privileged to experience such a culturally rich site. By CECP volunteer Tiago (Brasil)
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Only 2 hours from the chaotic city of Wuhan we found a place where we could to sit in nature's lap. Not only could we cherish the scenic beauty but also true Buddhist tranquility. This experience taught me that daily temple life is totally devoid of the struggles that rule life in the city. But there was a cave temple high up in the mountains accessible only via a steep and dangerous hiking trail that made me understand just how important Buddhism is to the local population. I'm glad to be part of CECP because it doesn't only protect endangered culture but we can learn about Chinese ways of life and history all at the same time. Kai Rohrer
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