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CECP New Year Gala at Jan 5 2014 Sunday 3-7pm Best Bar Hanjie Wuchang. Photo and videos of CECP activities and trips in 2013 will be displayed and introduced by CECP volunteers who joined the trip. Various cross-cultural performances will be performed. It will be a great opportunity for all CECPers to meet each other and celebrate a fruitful year of CECP. We also welcome everyone who want to know a bit about CECP. What I can boast is our trip photos will be an eye feast for anyone who love to see the real China.:lol The bar agreed to give us free venue (With access to screen and sound equipments) and discounted food and drink (50rmb per person including unlimited soft drink CECP special seafood fried rice (Pls let us know if you can't eat sea food) 40% discount on beers). 20rmb if you can't stay for dinner. Please email to cecporg@126.com for RSVP before Thursday noon. Hope to see you then. www.icecp.org
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Opening speech 开幕致辞 CECP choir band--I only care about you CECP合唱队及龙舟乐队-我只在乎你 Old villages in Fujian and jiangxi---Yang 福建江西新年民俗之旅-杨 Summer trip of Huangmei a visit of Zen---Kai and Liumei 黄梅参禅之旅-Kai和刘梅 Wuhan Walking Trail---Hu Liuming & Yingzi 武汉小径项目-胡榴明,黄樱子 Old villages in Yifeng Anyi-Yang John 宜丰安义古村落之旅-杨和John Temple in the river--The trip to Ezhou---Yu Wenwei 鄂州之旅-余文伟 Rugby---Liumei 橄榄球-刘梅 Emmy a Story 美国志愿者Emmy讲故事 Ancient Port-Trip to Jinkou--Yu Wenwei John 金口考察明代驳岸-余文伟和John Yuanxiao folk customs in Huangpi-Yang 黄陂元宵民俗-杨 Dragon Boat-Matthieu and Kai 龙舟队-马秋和Kai Home in Wuhan-Yang 家在武汉-杨帆 Nepal Fair-Silu 中尼友谊展-Silu The ancient architectures in South of Shanxi---Yang 晋南古建筑考察-杨 CECP Gatherings--Yang CECP聚会-杨 Ahmed A song for everyone to join in The private museum of Mulan---Emmy and Joanna 木兰博物馆考察-Emmy和Joanna Old villages in Qimen and s**tai---Yang 祁门和石台古村落-杨 Old villages in Huizhou---Yang 徽州古村落和禅宗二祖道场-杨 Old bridges in Xianning-Liumei 咸宁古桥-刘梅 Flower Festival in Xinzhou---HuLiuming 新洲花朝节-胡榴明 CECP trip to Xiaogan---Wang Qin 孝感考察-王琴 The Nepalnese Dance 尼泊尔歌舞 Dinner 晚餐
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It's a great evening. Thank you all for coming and c u in 2015 :lol ::Click ::Click ::Click More photos: http://www.yupoo.com/photos/tutta/albums/14861294/
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