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Titles: Dragon boat race May 31-June 1 Update time: May 29, 2014
All CECP dagon boaters This will be the planned schedule of Saturday: 1. Meet at 10am at main gate of East lake park (The gate you walk through for every trainnings behind provincial museum) 2. pick up the team set: CECP team Tshirt CECP CAP CECP Badge (Sponsored) 3. Make lunch orders 4. Watch other teams racing and discuss our tactics and finalize play list for the day. 5. Have Lunch 6. Rest and get ready for the game 7. Race! (1800m smaller boat race) On Sunday we will have to wake up early meet at 7:30am at main gate (Will be finalized on Saturday) Race begins at 9am (300m bigger boat race two games for us in the morning) Please be on time be preapared for the rain keep yourself safe and try your best to enjoy the day :) Drinking water will be provided by the committee. Please feel free to bring your family or friends. We will give out a free CECP badge to everyone who come to cheer for us:) If you have any questions or needs we will have CECP on-site volunteers to help you. Yang CECP 15327195370 More about CECP db team: http://www.icecp.org/dbteam.htm
Titles: Update time: May 31, 2014
Which area of East Lake is best to view the races and what time do the races run? Thank you.
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