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Dear All

I am going to hold activitieswith my American friend we have a nice cool name called Confucius fun club. Wewill hold different kinds of activities in regular time. This club is mainlyfor foreigners in Wuhan to experience a different culture. you can also learnChinese make more friends here. We believe that learning a foreignlanguage and cultural exchange will make our life happier and the future of theworld brighter. It is our honor to provide place and opportunity to encouragelanguage learning and problem discussing which occurs during interculturalcommunication. We are interested in collaborating with schools companiescoffee shops and restaurants to do language training program and culturalactivities and foreigners and Chinese can have a good place where they can hang outand communicate with each other. We have created an official Wechat account. Ihope we can get many followers and have a great time together in the future.Our first activity will be make dumplings and experience cultures. You canenjoy delicious food and you can practice your Chinese. My American friend hisChinese is very good he is kinda more like Chinese now haha he was mystudents before I taught him Chinese and then we become good friends step bystep. He will make pretzels and some foreign food for you so that you can feellike at home and I will teach you how to make dumplings and talk about someour cultures and help you to improve your Chinese too our activity will haveChinese and foreigners together.

Place: exit B of Sanyan Qian (line6) contact me so that I can tell you location in detail

Time: 3pm to 6pm May 27th 2017.

Price: only 100 RMB

Tel./Wechat: 18674018868

QQ: 1073614490

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