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WASHINGTON, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- The death toll has climbed to at least 10 in the massive wildfires that ravaged resort towns in the U.S. state of Tennessee earlier this week, local officials said Thursday.

All the blazes have been extinguished as of Thursday afternoon, though a few "hot spots" remain, they said.

The wildfires also injured at least 80 people, burned more than 17,100 acres of land and devastated towns like Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge as well as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Sevier County.

About 200 firefighters, together with emergency crews, are still working their way through Gatlinburg, the town's Fire Chief Greg Miller said Thursday.

"We're never going to give up hope. I will always hold out hope of a rescue," he told reporters. "But now we are at hour 65 since the beginning of the fires. We have to come to the realization that the potential is great it will be more of a recovery (of corpses) than a rescue."

The wildfires might be "human-caused," local media quoted officials as saying, noting investigations are already under way.

The southern part of Tennessee has suffered exceptional droughts in past months.

Three decades ago Women's Nelson Agholor Jersey Bali was just an ordinary island dependent on agriculture. Today Bali is among the top ten destinations for tourism. The Balinese people have probably seen more tourists than any other place in Indonesia. Bali is also home to a rich and varied heritage. Religion is the centre of Balinese culture. Bali is synonymous with luxury and the best way to enjoy this luxury is by renting villas which also provides privacy where one can be as far away a possible form the hustle and bustle of a hotel.

Bali offers a wide range of villas that cater according to your needs. There are different types of villas depending on one budget. There are the locally owned villas that offer reasonable comfort at an affordable rate. These villas are intended for long term rent which could last anywhere from a month to a year. Information on these villas can be found only by going there and speaking to the owner.

There are villas that market themselves on the internet. These could range from a nominal to an exorbitant rent depending on the comfort and luxury offered. One can always log on to the internet to find more about these villas. Advance bookings can also be made through their websites. They offer a host of services such as chauffer round the clock security Women's Mack Hollins Jersey housekeeping services etc. Many hotels have now realized that people wouldn mind paying up for some more privacy and want to en cash on this by offering high end villas which offer comforts beyond comparison. These villas are the ultimate for any person looking for luxury and can cost anywhere from $1000 and above for a nights stay. These villas are often frequented by celebrities.

Whatever your budget maybe Bali has a villa to suit every type of traveler no matter if you are a honeymoon couple looking forward to spending your lovey dovey moments with your beloved. Most of the villas even offer to arrange a host of activities for you. If you wish to go for snorkeling scuba diving trekking Women's Donnel Pumphrey Jersey or simply riding around the mountain side and don know whom to turn to or are bothered that the others might take you for a ride just relax most of these villas arrange it for you.

Make sure to book rooms in advance and also specify your requirements because most villas offer packages which are economical. The best season to visit Bali would be the dry season which commences from May and can go up to September. Accommodation rents are also steep during this period. But any time is travel time if you are more interested in the rich and varied culture that Bali has to offer. Bali has to offer a lot to those who are looking to get a deep understanding of East Asian culture. Centuries old temples Women's Rasul Douglas Jersey colorful festivals breathtaking art formsali is full of them.

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The four great inventions refer to the compass gunpowder Women's Sidney Jones Jersey printing techniques and also papermaking. The statement was first put forward by British sinologist Dr Joseph Needham (1900-1995) which was later widely accepted by Chinese historians. Ancient China's four great inventions extremely promoted the development of China's economy politics and culture Women's Derek Barnett Jersey which were introduced to the Western states through various channels and had a substantial impact on world civilization.


The earliest form of Chinese characters were inscriptions on oracle bones of the Shang Dynasty followed by inscriptions on ancient bronze objects and it was not until the Spring and Autumn Dynasty that the Chinese characters were carved onto bamboo slips strung up by hemp cords.

The Chinese characters were written on silk fabrics during the Qin and the Han dynasties Women's Dallas Goedert Jersey and it was not until Cai Lun's (61-121) improved papermaking method in the Eastern Han Dynasty that paper was widely used throughout early China. Papermaking was a great occasion in the history of human civilization also it had been introduced into European nations 1000 years later.


Gunpowder Women's Carson Wentz Jersey a mixture of sulfur saltpeter and charcoal was invented by ancient Chinese alchemists during the method of alchemy and the Tang dynasties Wendell Smallwood Jersey plus this is a very volatile explosive. The primeval fire arrow resembles the rocket tube in shape that is present and was widely found in battles on water.
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