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MADRID Cheap NBA Basketball Jerseys Sept. 13 (Xinhua) -- Alberto Contador dug deep to just about assure overall victory in the Vuelta de Espana cycle race as he won the penultimate stage of the race ahead of his main rival Chris Froome.

The last mountain stage had been chosen for drama given that it ended with a first category climb and then the special category assault on the Purtto de Ancares where the final destiny of the race looked certain to be decided.

The day saw breakaways but they had been pulled in by the start of the final climb for the final drama to unfold as Froome and Contador again went head to head with the British rider attacking again and again in an attempt to reduce the 1 minute 19 deficit he started the day with.

Knowing he needed a convincing win to remain in contention Froome attacked time and again Cheap Basketball Jerseys but in the end it was Contador who was able to ride away finishing 15 seconds ahead of the Britain to barring an accident assures his overall win in the race.

Meanwhile Froome's efforts have assured him second place on the podium after Alejandro Valverde who began 12 seconds behind him Cheap Throwback NBA Jerseys lost almost a minute on the final climb.

Sunday's final stage is a 10 km tie trial around Santiago de Compostela which is too short to produce major time differences among the favorites.

North Korean officials warned the United States that another war on the Korean Peninsula would leave no Americans alive to sign a surrender document as the country marked Monday's anniversary of the armistice that ended fighting in the Korean War more than six decades ago.

Pyongyang and other cities around North Korea were decked out with flags and banners as North Koreans flocked to patriotic gatherings and mass dance celebrations to mark the anniversary of the July 27 1953 agreement that brought the three-year Korean war to an end with an armistice not a peace treaty.

North Korean officials took the opportunity of the anniversary to step up their anti-U.S. rhetoric and call upon the nation to redouble its devotion to the nation's current leader Cheap Custom NBA Jerseys Kim Jong Un and prepare for a final showdown with Washington.

The anniversary is hailed in North Korea as a victory over the U.S. which fought with the South Koreans and U.N. allies against the North's forces.

In a speech to veterans on Saturday Kim Jong Un stressed the importance of instilling the country's young people with the same fighting spirit and devotion as the generation that experienced the war. But he also stressed that North Korea has a new ace in the hole — a nuclear arsenal of its own.

North Koreans bow in front of bronze statues of the late leaders Kim Il Sung left and Kim Jong Il at Munsu Hill Cheap Authentic NBA Jerseys Monday July 27 2015 in Pyongyang North Korea. North Koreans gathered to offer flowers and pay their respects to their late leaders as part of celebrations for the 62nd anniversary of the armistice that ended the Korean War. (AP PhotoWong Maye-E) In a speech to veterans on Saturday Cheap NBA Jerseys From China Kim Jong Un stressed the importance of instilling the country's young people with fighting spirit In a speech to veterans on Saturday Kim Jong Un stressed the importance of instilling the country's young people with fighting spirit In a speech to veterans on Saturday Kim Jong Un stressed the importance of instilling the country's young people with fighting spirit

"Gone forever is the era when the United States blackmailed us with nukes; now the United States is no longer a source of threat and fear for us and we are the very source of fear for it" he said in the speech the text of which was broadcast on North Korean television.

At a separate gathering held Sunday Cheap NBA Jerseys China Korean People's Army Gen. Pak Yong Sik who is believed to be the country's new defense minister said that if the United States does not abandon its hostile policies toward Pyongyang and provokes another war the North is prepared to fight until "there would be no one left to sign a surrender document."

"It is more than 60 years since the ceasefire on (the) land but peace has not yet settled on it Cheap NBA Jerseys " he told the meeting which included high-level officials veterans and diplomats stationed in Pyongyang. "The past Korean War brought about the beginning of the downhill turn for the U.S. but the second Korean war will bring the final ruin to U.S. imperialism."

The anniversary brought a festive atmosphere to the capital with citizens using the holiday not only to show their patriotic pride by laying flowers before statues of North Korea's first president Kim Il Sung and his son Cheap Throwback Jerseys Kim Jong Il but also to enjoy the warm summer weather at parks and ice cream stands.

by Marzia De Giuli

ROME, July 12 (Xinhua) -- A dramatic head-on crash between two trains, one the most serious accidents in Italy in recent years, has left at least 25 victims and more than 50 injured, according to local press.

The accident happened at around 11:30 a.m. local time on Tuesday, when one train hit another going the other way on a single-track railway in a countryside area between the towns of Ruvo di Puglia and Corato in Puglia region.

Both trains had four carriages. The first aerial photograph from firefighters showed the twisted metal of the first two carriages on each train, with wreckage strewn across a large area.

"It was a frightful, unbelievable scene," one of the first police officers who rushed to the spot was quoted as saying by ANSA news agency. "I saw dead people, others asking for help, people crying. It was the most terrible scene in my life," he added.

The bodies of a mother and her daughter were found holding onto each other in the debris, according to ANSA sources.

"My daughter also was on that train, she was here on a holiday," a woman in tears told Rai state television. "Her cellphone has been disconnected f. Cheap Air PrestoCheap Nike Presto WhiteCheap Nike Presto Ultra FlyknitCheap Nike Presto Mid UtilityCheap Nike Presto SaleWholesale JerseysCheap Adidas NHL Jerseys Free ShippingCheap Mens Nike NBA JerseysWholesale MLB JerseysWholesale Soccer Jerseys China

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