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FINE QUALITY HOTELS Hotels in Barcelona provide excellent services to tourists. They cater to your needs completely without hassles. Apart from the services Jake Bailey Womens Jersey the pleasures and conveniences are absolutely just as terrific and exquisite.
SUPERB FOOD Barcelona Spain has exceptional food where seafoods make up a good part and get to try the famous traditional Spanish cuisine such as the Tappas Jarrett Stidham Womens Jersey Paella and Gazpacho.
TERRIFIC WINE Enjoy fine quality wines and sheer the passion of wine savored in exquisite taste youl never forget in Catalunya Barcelona Spain.
RELAXATION TREATS The spa and massage treatments in Barcelona Spain hotels are gratifying to the senses and also get to experience the uniqueness of chocolate massage you won find anywhere else in the world of indulgence.
EXCELLENT ACCOMMODATIONS High quality and elegant with magnificent views are available in hotels Barcelona fully furnished and in style Hjalte Froholdt Womens Jersey giving tourists the pleasure of feeling special equal to a home away from home.
GREAT EXPOSURE Hotels in Barcelona could offer you group activities that are both fantastic and daring includes deep-sea fishing Yodny Cajuste Womens Jersey Catamaran experience beer tasting and many more.
FUN WATER EXPERIENCE Barcelona hotels could also provide you convenient bookings to extraordinary water world getaways like yachting Damien Harris Womens Jersey sailing white water rafting and scuba diving.
ONE OF A KIND Hotels in Barcelona could avail for you a ride in first-class vintage car tours and get to choose the drive of your classic dreams; call it Barcelona classic car tours. Or exploit an air of romance in a hot air balloon ride for two Chase Winovich Womens Jersey an evening in the castle tower and a luxury tour of the splendid city.
PLEASANT WEATHER Barcelona has well defined seasons with mild humid winters and dry warm summers. The congenial blend of weather makes hotels in Barcelona a perfect catch with a great deal of package.
INCREDIBLE DESTINATIONS The majestic views wonderful sceneries Joejuan Williams Womens Jersey interesting walks and routes coupled with a guide to understanding the essence of the city make up any tourist destination incomparable while in your hotel stay at Barcelona.

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HCC HOTELS N'Keal Harry Womens Jersey aims of create a brand which fully identifies with the ideas of an excellent site in the city centre and a high level of quality as regards facilities and services.Hotels Barcelona are fully equiped with tourism ambience.

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Chinese actor Hu Ge in Nirvana in Fire Photo: IC

Just as female audiences in China are being charmed by South Korean actor Song Joong-ki in Descendants of the Sun, South Korean fans of Chinese TV series Nirvana in Fire are falling head over heels for the show‘s leading character Mei Changsu, played by Chinese actor Hu Ge。

Nirvana in Fire, adapted from the novel of the same name, tells the story of Lin Shu, who infiltrates the capital of the Liang Dynasty in the guise of Mei Changsu to get justice for his family, who were wrongly accused of treason 12 years prior, and help his childhood friend gain the throne。

South Korean hit

Many Chinese drama fans can still recall the nightmare that happened to popular drama The Legend of Zhen Huan was edited from its original 76-episode version into a six-episode series for its release in North America。 Fortunately for Nirvana in Fire, the 54-episode series is being shown in its entirety with Korean subtitles in South Korea。

First premiering on South Korean Zhonghua TV on October 19 last year, the series didn‘t have as big an impact as was expected at first。 However, after South Korean fans got used to the similar sounding names of the characters and began figuring out the complicated relationships between them, they soon became crazy about the period drama。

In December, Nirvana in Fire became the most searched daytime TV show in South Korea, surpassing some American dramas such as Games of Thrones season 6。

It‘s worth noting that unlike the Chinese mainland, the show is a pay-per-view series in South Korea。 The current price for Nirvana in Fire is 1,200 won ($1) per episode。 So in total, fans must spend a total of $54 to watch the entire series。 That same month, the show ranked seventh on the list of top-selling foreign dramas in South Korea’s fiercely competitive TV market。

The show has been well received critically。 So far, Nirvana in Fire holds a 9.6 on South Korean web portal daum.net。

“Both the acting and cinematography are really great。 It is a hundred times better than some domestic dramas with their strange scenes,” South Korean netizen Butterfly2ya commented on the site。

Discussing every detail of the show has become a favorite pastime among fans。 Some fans may ask about an ancient vase that appears only for a few seconds in one scene, and still get a really detailed and professional answer from enthusiastic netizens along with detailed historical illustrations。

The show has done well when it comes to merchandising, with fans buying items related to the show such as capes modeled after the one worn by Mei Changsu, the dessert favored by Prince Jing or fluorescent lamps with the drama‘s name printed on it。

Even K-pop super stars have been bitten by the Nirvana in Fire bug。 Jung Yong-hwa, a singer in South Korea who is well-known for interacting with Chinese netizens, posted a group photo with actor Wang Kai on his Sina Weibo in which he referred to him as Prince Jing, the character Wang plays on the show。

Recently, a South Korean travel agency has established Nirvana in Fire-themed tours that take fans to Hengdian, a movie and television studio in Zhejiang Province where the show was shot。

Actually, this is not the first time that mainland series have performed well in South Korea。 Return of the Pearl Princess, Chinese Paladin and Scarlet Heart also pe. Cheap JerseysCheap MLB Jerseys ChinaCheap NCAA JerseysWholesale Authentic JerseysWholesale NHL Jerseys From ChinaWholesale Nike NBA JerseysWholesale New MLB JerseysCheap JerseysWholesale Football JerseysCheap Basketball Jerseys

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