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Titles: Spain punk band Daylight China tour Update time: Jul 28, 2012
When: August 24th 21:00-23:00pm Where: VOX LIVEHOUSE 118 Guoguang Dasha Lumo Lu Hongshan District Wuhan武汉市洪山区鲁磨路118号国光大厦内 Price:50RMB(at the door ) 40RMB(in advance) Getting there: Take bus 401 643 709 to Caojiawan Station ::Click Daylight is a rock band from Spain established in a Barcelona high school in 2004. From the beginning they played songs and made noise noise for pure fun. But after playing their first local shows it became apparent that music was more than a mere release. Music personal and written by the band together was becoming a lifestyle a way of doing things a way of seeing the world and a different way of living. It was something worth spending time on more significant and more worthwhile than living the all too normal lives of their contemporaries. That was when the band decided to get serious and took on a more ambitious songwriting approach. The music environment in Spain is decadent and predominantly superficial; made up mostly of image-conscious bands striving blindly for fame and that elusive major label record deal.
Titles: Update time: Aug 10, 2012
sorry ~~the exact date is on August 17th ::Click booking ticket:http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=15562638095
Titles: if i know them first Update time: Aug 15, 2012
i might drop a visit to vox
Titles: Missed it :/ Update time: Aug 17, 2012
Can anyone who did go share how it was?
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