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Titles: A good place for drinking beer Update time: Aug 05, 2012
Hot and crazy sugar daddy is a bar in Yan Jiang Ave(沿江大道)Hankou District near it is 走进非洲they are owned by the same person.In front of 走进非洲(Zhou Jin Fei Zhou) there is a big screen.That day I found an Irish singer singing there it's great to drink while listen to songs from Ireland. ::Click ::Click ::Click [ Last edited by Jolene at 5-8-2012 09:21 ]
Titles: Update time: Aug 06, 2012
The bar is actually called York bar it's the owner who is called the Sugar Daddy. It is a nuce bar but a little pricey if you like drinking nice beer.
Titles: Update time: Aug 06, 2012
oh i see thank you~i thought it was ....~seems you are very familiar with the bars in Hankou .Do you have any other bars or clubs to recommend?There is a new one called show club in Han Street i know the manager and if you want to go there for beer feel free to let me knowi will contact the manager to give you half off.haha
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