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Titles: SQUASH COURTS Update time: Apr 18, 2005
Can someone tell me where (and if) I can play squash in Wuhan? I live in Hongshan. If there are squash courts ... is there anyone out there in Wuhantimes land who is interested in playing? I am a good average player. Thanks ... look forward to your replies. Rose
Titles: Update time: Jun 03, 2005
hirose i have seen there are several squash courts at near the Wuhan international meeting and exhibition center(just opposite the Zhongshan Park at hankou). I always play badminton there. Its a very large sport halland located at MINUS ONE floor. The sport hall features badmintonsquashbasketballmini football and other funny activities playground.Its served with decent air conditioning. And the charge rate is not very highbut you should pay more when its coming to holidaysweekends and maybe ohther special days.For the detail price policyu can check personally at their infor desk. HOPE my rough introduction of this place can be a little helpful to u. Pity that i am not a squash fan but if u got interest of playing badminton u can contact me. :) ENJOY:)
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hi ROSE do u still play squash constantly? Hubei University No.3 gymnasiumYouyi Road Wuchang District. we play squash here every Saturday 14:00pm-18:00pm Welcome to join us! [ Last edited by nicholas at 22-4-2013 14:37 ]
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That blows my mind - I've lived on Hubei campus for over 2 years and never known there are squash courts let alone regular players. Which floor of the stadium is it on? thanks
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floor 1 in No.3 gym. but it's not open in daytime it's only for our club activity welcome u to join us! more info pls contact me :)