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Titles: new Helen's? Update time: Apr 22, 2012
I keep hearing rumors that a new Helen's cafe has opened like within the past week or two. But nobody I've talked to seems to know where it actually is. Anyone here have a clue?
Titles: Update time: Apr 22, 2012
Yes the new Helen's has openned. I saw it last week. It is located on Hua Cheng Xin Du Xiong chu Da Dao. You can reach there by bus529586715811590.
Titles: Update time: Apr 22, 2012
Yes there is a new one. Went there twice. During the first week they offered free beers every day for the whole night. Pizza there is much better than the one in old Helens.
Titles: Update time: Apr 24, 2012
oh wow now i really wish I had put more effort into figuring out where the new one was sooner. And the new one is closer to where I live too.
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