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Titles: Gambling and Poker Update time: Jun 08, 2012
Two related questions! Does anyone know whether or not gambling for small amounts of money is legal in China? It would appear that way as I’ve never seen or heard of any problems with it regarding mahjong being played. Possibly illegal but unenforced? I’m wondering if poker too would be okay. I’ve got chips and would be interested to know if there’s any interest out there in a little hold’em every so often?
Titles: Update time: Jun 08, 2012
Everyone is playing for money but they all seem ok. This is just another grey zone here as in many other legal matters in China. I guess if you are not playing for thousands of yuan you will be fine. But hey that will be no fun:)
Titles: Update time: Jun 08, 2012
I think as long as it is not a organized game (not just a group of friends) that involved gambling the law (just like in the US) turns a blind eye towards it especially if no one complains to the police. I might be up for a game of poker if enough people are interested. I've also got chips and cards.
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