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Titles: Watching the European Cup in Westin Update time: Jun 09, 2012
::Click ::Click ::Click Come and enjoy the European cup carnival trip in the Red Wine Cigar Bar of Westin. All kinds of beer and wine are provided. Snacks will be continuous supply . The Super-big screen there will let you better enjoy a visual feast. The waiters are dressing up in different football jerseys waiting for you to come. There are national flags of different countries hanging in the bar.Hi guys cheer up for your favourite team! BEER SELECTED A dozen bud light or Qingdao beer 318RMB A dozen beer + 4 people snacks 558RMB Half a dozen beer 180RMB Half a dozen beer + 2 people snacks 288RMB WINE SELECTED Bottled wine have thirty percent discount with complimentary six soft drinks. Reservation: 88226600 Location:Wuchang Wanda Westin
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