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Titles: Wuhan guitar party Update time: Jul 14, 2012
When: July 21st 14:30pm-17:30pm Where: Xi Space Music Box Xuzhou Xincun Lu Light Railway Station Er Qi Road Hankou District武汉江岸区汉口汉口27路徐州新村轻轨车站2楼 嬉空间音乐盒 Price: Free If you are a guitar aficionado and want to meet friends who love guitar too you can go there joining them and have fun together. ::Click
Titles: Update time: Jul 15, 2012
darn I gotta work excellent that you post these things up love. Must work but if anyone plays any-style or wants to chat about music art etc I'm up for it there are some great local players about it's refreshing !! Not just sing song C to G take photo stuff. Cheers
Titles: Update time: Jul 21, 2012
Where is it exactly? Because I cannot find it on Google Maps. Thanks in advance.
Titles: Update time: Aug 01, 2012
Anyone see it and what was the haps. ?