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Titles: One Lick Less is coming Update time: Jul 21, 2012
When:July 24th 21:00-23:00pm Where: VOX LIVEHOUSE 118 Guoguang Dasha Lumo Lu Hongshan District Wuhan武汉市洪山区鲁磨路118号国光大厦内 Price:40RMB Getting there: Take bus 401 643 709 to Caojiawan Station One Lick Less is made up of duo Julien Bancilhon and Basil Ferriot. Together they create a sound that's trippy and complicated yet pleasant to the ears. Most of the time it's the instrument work and beat that takes center stage with vocals thrown in the mix. They admit to being influenced by a myriad of artists including Nirvana John Coltrane Jesus Lizard Tetsuki Akiyama and Miles Davis to name a few. As a result the album is a hodge podge of blues grunge and rock all rolled into one. Check them here http://onelickless.bandcamp.com/ ::Click
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