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Did you know in the old days Hankou was called Hankow ? Hankou was one of the three cities whose merging formed modern-day Wuhan the capital of the Hubei province China. It stands north of the Han and Yangtze Rivers where the Han falls into the Yangtze. Hankou is connected by bridges to its former sister cities Hanyang (between Han and Yangtze) and Wuchang (on the south side of he Yangtze). In 1926 Hankou was officially established as a city where its municipal government was built in Jianghan district. In the same year the Northern Expedition reached Hankou and merged Hankou with adjacent Wuchang and Hanyang to make it the seat of national capital Wuhan. But in 1927 when Nanjing succeeded in the fight for being the national capital Wuhan was separated to its original form where Hankou was again a city by itself. This time Hankou was established as a "Special Municipality" which resembles a direct-controlled municipality in present day. Before 1949 Hankou has shifted between being a special municipality and a provincial city. In 1949 Hankou was finally merged with Hanyang and Wuchang to become Wuhan when the communists arrived in Hankou on May 16. Here are some photos of Hankou in the early 20th century. ::Click Jiang Han Lu (江汉路)
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Titles: Update time: Oct 08, 2012
::Click Jiang Han Lu Walking Street
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I love all these old photos. Thank you.