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Titles: Exit Entry Visa Office Closed in Hankou Update time: Nov 13, 2012
Just a FYI letting you know that the Wuhan/Hankou Exit Entry office (the one close to the Hankou Yangzhe riverside) has been closed (I went there yesterday) and moved to a new location since 10/23/2012. I was just looking for information so have not gone to the new location. There is a Chinese language notice posted with the following telephone number 027-12580. I think this office will reopen in the future but will only handle expat/foreigner visa's for the Jiangan district with other locations around Wuhan handling other districts/areas. I don't have a photo/image viewing account so not able to post the picture. If you would like to view the photo of the notice or can post it send me a PM.
Titles: PSB address Update time: Feb 01, 2013
FYI If there are still people who haven't heard about the new address of the PSB in Hankou then here it is: No. 117 Jinqiao Road Jianghan District Wuhan (武汉市江岸区金桥大道117号) Tel: 027-65770000; 027-12580-0 The bus stop is 金桥大道武汉市民之家站. I know that bus N. 229 goes there. I didn't know that they had moved and had a hell of a day today looking for the new location.
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