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Hi all I will try to be as brief as I can. I am a Dutchman currently living in the UK and near finishing my PhD. During my time here I became very good friends with a Wuhanese who is know an associate professor at Wuhan University. At the beginning of this month I went to Wuhan to be his best man and we discussed how it would be possible to work together in future. Although the idea excites me it also worried me a bit. I had a great time in Wuhan and XiangYang (his hometown) but am extremely aware that I will have to be able to speak some mandarin to cope being out there on my own. I also have (a probably misconceived) idea that settling in China will be difficult due to bureaucracy etc. The idea is not to move out permanently my wife would find it very difficult but if things do work out than I might well find myself needing a permanent visa (?) a place to stay as a second home etc. So I am keen to hear from people who have moved to Wuhan on similar grounds and what their experiences are. Feel free to email me on tim.zijlstra@gmail.com if there is anything you don't want to say here. Tim
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well if you work together at a company or the school you should be able to get a visa from them in which case it should be no hassle for you. Getting a permanent visa will probably be trickier as the regulations are very strict. I've heard those rules might change in the near future though.
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Thanks Lethe I am aware of that for temporary visas and that shouldn't be a problem. Is that how most expats manage to stay in China? renewing the visa each time it comes up?
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you can stay in China as long as your job sponsors you or you marry a national permanent visas are not in the picture now... check out the http://beijing.usembassy-china.org.cn/niv_info.html website [ Last edited by fulai at 30-1-2013 19:41 ]
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