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One of the best things about China is getting a head massage and the full haircut experience for almost zero money. I can't remember the name of the chain but they have a policy that if you don't get a full 30 minute massage you get your money back. I remember my first haircut in Wuhan some dude gently probed my ear canal while I drank a cup of tea. I drooled all over my bib and thought I'd turned gay. I concluded that I probably wasn't since I suhddered when he put his erection in my other ear but it was an essentially good haircut and well worth the money.
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I hate having my hair washed by someone else Im an adult and am perfectly capable of washing my own hair. The only person to have ever washed me before is my mother and I would like it to stay that way. I just think there is something very weird about a dude touching another dude that way. It really confuses them when i refuse the hairwash after the cut despite me pointing out that I have a perfectly good shower at home. [ Last edited by ESLNinja at 4-4-2013 23:02 ]
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You are a weirdo
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Getting your head massaged or even just washed by another bloke is just gay!