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Titles: Toucan Bar Update time: Feb 20, 2013
I had heard about the Toucan Bar and was thinking about checking it out tonight or tomorrow since it is close to where I stay in Hanyang. Has anyone been there? Worth going to?
Titles: Update time: Feb 20, 2013
Venue: the Toucan Irish Bar Address:No.88 Xi Ma Chang streetHanyangWuhan (1F of Wuhan Holiday Inn) 湖北省武汉市汉阳区洗马长街88号(武汉晴川假日酒店一楼后侧) Venue Tel:68845495 Longtime favorite of WuhanTime folks and worth going to.
Titles: Update time: Feb 20, 2013
If you go go on a weekend if you can. They have a live band on a Saturday night and have a free BBQ on Sunday afternoons.
Titles: Update time: Feb 20, 2013
I am only in wuhan during weekdays so I have to just make do. If there is a better place to go during weekdays let me know. I like Brussels beer garden. I have been there.
Titles: Update time: Feb 20, 2013
It's definitely worth going to especially if you like stuff like sports on TV pool cider. Might have to get down myself this weekend :)
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