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::Click Xiaogan is in the North of Wuhan famous for its rice wine and sesame cake (麻糖) I must say this city really did much better in how to promote itself. They have brought lots of interesting cultural stuff to the expo so it's interesting and humane!
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Faries with free sesame cakes;P ::Click ::Click Xiaogan Hubei Province was named after the story of Dong Yong who moved the God with filial piety. It is the only city throughout the country named after filial piety and famous for filial piety. Among twenty-four dutiful sons in ancient China three of them were from Xiaogan namely Dong Yong who “sold himself to bury his father” and Huang Xiang who “cooled pillow and warmed the quilt for his father” in Han Dynasty and Meng Zong who “cried in bamboo forest for bamboo shoot” during the Three Kingdoms Period. Xiaogan can be described as “Gathering Place of Dutiful Sons”. Tales of Romance: Meeting with the Fairy on the Way The character “Xiao (filial piety)” originated from oracle bone script of ancient China and has a history of more than 4000 years. Original meaning of the character is “serving the ancestor as well as cherishing filial piety”. For Confucian orthodoxy “filial piety” triumphs over all other good deeds and it has been written down in The Analects of Confucius that “Filial piety shall be the basis of benevolence!” In Xiaogan when asked about the origin of name of “Xiaogan” for the place everyone can tell the story in a vivid way no matter an old man of eighty years old or an ingenuous schoolboy. Story goes like this “In ancient time there have been some men who have shown great filial obedience and compassion for their parents that their behavior even move the God and the place is named “Xiaogan” in praise of this spiritual beauty. The city was named after “Xiaochang” with the meaning of “more dutiful sons” in 1500 years ago when the original county was built; and then renamed as “Xiaogan” by taking the meaning from the story of Dong Yong who moved the God with filial piety. ‘Borrowing money to bury his father meeting with the fair lady on the way; weaving silk fabrics to repay the creditor filial piety finally moves the God”. This is description for Dong Yong recorded in 24 Stories of Filial Piety and also a piece of ancient prose for tales of legend of “Dong Yong and seven fairy ladies” which is handed down ceaselessly for thousands of years. Based on this beautiful legend people have created Chu opera of A predestined Relationship lasting for 100 days and Huangmei opera Marriage of the Fairy Princess; “a couple went home together” is the classic main arias sung among folks.
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Titles: Update time: May 20, 2015
::Click Traditional cloth product
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::Click Shadow puppet A shadow puppet play is a form of folk opera that involves cutting animal skin or hard paper into figures and using them in a performance in front of an illuminated backdrop to create the illusion of moving images. Accompanied by live music performers behind the screen manipulate the figures while narrating a story to a local tune. As an ancient folk art form it is said to have originated in the Warring States Period prospered in the Han and Song dynasties and then spread to West Asia and Europe during the Yuan Dynasty. CECP conducted a survey of showdow puppet in Xiaogan: http://www.yupoo.com/photos/tutta/albums/14859372/